Our mission

„The touch of nature around us with nature in us.“

Every time the Earth turns the other cheek to the Sun exchanging day for night and lighting the lamps along the arc of the stars, gazing at the sky mechanics again we can feel that we all circle magnificently, together with the Sun, the Moon, water, plants… In a primeval way we wish then to start experience the Earth again as a living organism, and to accept the nature as a gift of God manifested through synergy of wind, water, air and soil. Only then can we realize that the care about our own health should not be looked upon through the optics of extraordinary circumstances but that we should achieve essential closeness to the nature through daily healthy and diversified nourishment.


Our products are a reflection of this mosaic, and manual preparation is only a trial to revive our own collapsed awareness of the nature and our existence in harmony with it. Through the sun and light the nature reminds us that the plants are those that bring us the luminous message of healing. They are those ethereal builders born whenever the Sun touches the Earth accumulating golden light to make living world from it. In order to preserve those luminous and sun-lit moments that the plants carry within them we have followed the natural principle of the least effect, sticking to what has to be done and avoiding all that does not have to, disturbing the harmony as little as possible, so that the plants within us can shine in the same way as outside thus connecting us with the source of life.

These everlasting human healers at the Sun’s dining table give us ready solutions leaving us at free to choose the right way and to help ourselves in the Earth’s Our Garden of Eden, regenerating our mind, brain and body. In this way we enter the harmonious spiral which connects the sky and ground, the nature and the man, providing us with the authority of truth which converts the moment into eternity, darkness into light, absent-mindedness into consciousness.

Our Garden of Eden is a kind of connection between the nature around us and the nature within us, and its fruits make possible return to simplicity because they regenerate within us again the world which has the features both of taste and health.

It takes time, patience and courage to abandon the beaten paths and to indulge oneself in experience of the world as a whole and harmony of the nature. In regards to this it should be taken into consideration that in human history about 5000 plants had been used for nourishment while today only 3 plants (wheat, corn and rice) satisfy 60% of the food requirements. It means that food has lost its diversity and become monotonous, reduced and imposed.

Our Garden of Eden is actually an attempt to defend this diversity and not to accept the illusion that food is regarded as a monoculture industry. Its paradisiacal fruits bring our life into harmony with impulses of the nature since the traditional knowledge grafted onto the nature platform stubbornly survives in the present spirit of time, leaving behind the track of health and vitality.

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